Our hotel has handled several government agencies both at the district, provincial and central levels, as well as companies - BUMN, BUMD, and national private companies, especially the Gathering, Meeting and others. Bayu Amrta Hotel is a hotel that stands on the lips of Palabuhanratu Bay whose panoramic views are famous to foreign countries, established in 1950 and adjacent to Pasanggrahan / Presidential Palace which was built by the First President of the Republic of Indonesia (Ir. Soekarno), and only 150 KM from Jakarta.
The location is strategic because it is not far from Nusantara Palabuhanratu Fisheries Port, Shopping Center, Tourism Objects and only +/- 1 Km from Sukabumi Regency Government Center.
So it is suitable for short and long vacation trips. It is indeed a smart choice for tour activities and service activities outside the office.


BAYU AMRTA Hotel, Restaurant, Meeting & Karaoke, offers elegantly 30 rooms that are ideal for your business trip, as well as your vacation.
Each room is equipped with an LED TV, internet access, electronic key card system, tea maker and will give you more comfort every time you stay.
Our hotel offers 1 meeting room located on the beach for all your occasions. BAYU AMRTA meeting rooms can accommodate up to 150 guests for your business, or recreational opportunities. And, as a fatigue release after a day of doing work activities or something else.
Our Hotel has a Family Karaoke Room as a place to relax while singing with your favorite songs.
We also provide a restaurant with a variety of Asian, European and American dishes.


  • Surfing Cimaja Beach is about 120 kilometers from Jakarta. While from Bandung it is estimated to be around 90 Kilometers. Cimaja Beach has large waves suitable for surfing. So do not be surprised if Cimaja is also often used as a place to hold surfing competitions, both nationally and internationally.


    To the west of Pelabuhan Ratu City, Sukabumi, West Java, precisely in Cisolok Subdistrict, there is a wide beach with the characteristic of a coral hill that juts into the sea. While on the other side there is a stretch of brownish white sand that stretches. It is located 16 km or 18 minutes from Pelabuhan Ratu Fish Market.

  • Cipanas Hot Springs, Its location is close to Pelabuhan Ratu (Only 15 kilometers away). If you are lucky, you can witness special performances, namely monkeys and langurs that hang on the trees around the location of hot springs. The advantages of Cipanas Hot Springs are very enjoyed by visitors, namely the beauty of a fountain (Geisure) containing Sulfur.

  • GOA LALAY (BAT CAVE) 10 km
  • Lalay Cave is one of the natural attractions of Palabuhanratu which is located about 3 Km from Pelabuhan Ratu City. In Lalay Cave, visitors can see millions of bats inhabiting Lalay Cave, so it is called the Lalay Cave.

  • Citarik river located in the cikidang area has a pretty good river character, especially in West Java. With rapids that are quite challenging to be navigated by those of you who are experienced and beginners. The citarik river is used as a host for international class WRC (World Rafting Championship) activities, this is one of the highest events in the world of rafting where professionals from all countries gather in this event.

  • Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu National Earth Park is a regional management management concept that harmonizes geological, biological and cultural diversity, through the principles of conservation, education, and sustainable development in 8 sub-districts in the Sukabumi region, West Java, Indonesia. Palabuhanratu National Park or Palabuhanratu National Geopark is the only geopark or earth park in West Java, Indonesia.

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