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Hotel Bayu Amrta is a hotel that stands on the lips of Palabuhanratu Bay which is famous for its panorama to foreign countries, established since 1950 and adjacent to Pasanggrahan / Istana Kepresidenan built by Ir. Soekarno (First President of the Republic of Indonesia)
The location is strategic because not far from the Port of Fishery Nusantara Palabuhanratu, Shopping Center, Tourism Object and just a distance of + / - 1 Km from the Central Government Sukabumi District, in addition to the comfort and privacy of visitors well preserved, really a smart choice for activity and activity office outside the office
SOME of the state president of the world also known as an artist. Ronald Reagan, former President of the United States, and Joseph Estrada, former President of the Philippines, is a popular movie stars. Vaclay Havel, former Czech president, is a poet. Fernando Collor de Mello, former President of Brazil, is a writer. Gus Dur is also a writer who had many fans.
Of all the artists president, Ir.Soekarno- first President of the Republic of Indonesia - perhaps a touch of art is the most superior and complete. Pirasa artistic touches so many areas of art. The late Jos Cleber, modifier orchestration national anthem (Indonesia Raya), for example, acknowledges that Ir.Soekarno many fundamental advise against writing pertitur orchestral masterpiece, which until now was its glory. "He does not understand music," said Jos before he died, in a special meeting in Hilversum few years ago. "Therefore, when Ir. Soekarno ask me for the national anthem (Indonesia Raya) created as closely as Wilhelmus (Dutch national anthem), I immediately said that it was not possible. Time or rhythm of the song was different" "Realizing his mistake, Ir. Soekarno and proposed extraordinary brilliant," said Jos. "Without the input of Ir. Soekarno, I probably will never find the spirit of the national anthem (Indonesia Raya) it." What is the proposed Ir. Soekarno? The first part of the national anthem (Indonesia Raya) are general. It can be recognized from his poem, The second part, entered the words "Get up his soul, his body rose up ..." is the part that is lieflijk by Ir. Soekarno - full of nuances of love. Jos translate this section by displaying a string instrument (violin, cello) for displaying an atmosphere that feels heart. While the chorus is part oath of allegiance (allegiance) of all citizens of the nation. This section should really fanfaric goes wild! Drum, tympanic, drums, trumpet all have to explode this section.
Ir. Soekarno is an Architects with High Taste His formal education as a civil engineer seems to make Ir. Soekarno had pirasa architecture that can not be considered ordinary. Ever sat in the living room "Palace" Stone wrote a private home in Bogor Ir. Soekarno who recently handed back by the secretariat of State to the beneficiary Ir. Soekarno? Super large glass window in the living room was like a frame of a painting of a beautiful panorama. "Canvas" in in a frame that displays the Salak mountain at its best. berliuk Cisadane River in the foreground, verdant terraced rice fields, or yellow according to the season and Salak Mountain towering blue, silk scarves thin mist. Perhaps, where that branch of paradise in the world.
How Ir. Soekarno find the place? Is he met a driver who doubles land brokers motorcycle fork in writing and Pamoyanan Stone, and then took him to that place? Apparently, Ir. Soekarno ask the presidential helicopter pilot circling in the outskirts of Bogor in order to find the best spot to set up the family home. Once he found an empty stretch of fulfilling his desire, he sent 'land team' to make acquisitions. Ir. Soekarno also use helicopters to choose a location at the top, West Java, which later developed into what is now known as the Riung mountain.At That time he invited Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX as Minister of Tourism to review the company's state-owned land plantation. Bung Karno suggested that the place was built home resort and restaurant to the public, and can also be used as a place for the government to entertain official guests. However, Ir. Soekarno was not always use a helicopter in hunting land. Soils in Queens Harbour used to build the presidential vacation home Pesanggrahan Tenjoresmi-found another way. When it reviewed the development of Bung Karno often Samudra Beach Hotel All-financed reparation fund from the Japanese government. He often stopped at rest house and Vaya Con Dios Hawaii's Major Mantiri. Ir. Soekarno fell in love on land belonging to Major Mantiri who have the most beautiful scenery along the area of the beach. Several times Ir. Soekarno convey a signal to the Mantiri that he loved the land. But also very loving pesanggrahan Mantiri personal. Ir. Soekarno, and bought land that belonged to a painter who just adjacent to Hawaii. BAYU AMRTA now a hotel. Ir. Soekarno's offer of land was to "bolster exchanged" with Hawaii. .




Meeting room that can accommodate up to 30 people in a U configuration,120 people in theater settings,or 90 guests in a classroom type setting.Elegant room with sound system,wireless microphone and other meeting facilities

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Karaoke Family

There Are 10 Family Karaoke Rooms That Are Convenient For You To Unwind After A Day Of Activities. With A Modern Karaoke System, It Makes It Easier For You To Find A List Of Favorite Songs For You And There Are Thousands Of Songs Available, Ranging From Old Songs To Contemporary Songs From Various Music Genres



A beautiful place on the seafront with the best panoramic views in Pelabuhanratu, is a very suitable place to do a wedding reception at our hotel. our place has a capacity of up to 800 people.



The restaurant serves a variety of Asian, European and American dishes. The view of the restaurant directly into the sea will spoil your eyes and provide exceptional comfort when you have lunch or dinner, or just enjoy a cup of coffee. Our restaurant is open from 7.00 a.m. until 12.00 p.m.

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Bayu Amrta, the hotel that ideal for your business trip, as well as your holiday escape. Our Hotel & Resort offer meeting rooms and Karaoke Familly for all of your occasion.


  • Private Beach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting Room
  • Family Karaoke
  • Free Wifi
  • Beautiful Sunset View
  • Airport Transportation (additional charge)

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